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But freak accidents that ruin your contact book might still happen. Bugs might fill your contact book with duplicates for example.

Cleaner is much more than just a duplicate finder it will let you backup contacts as well. Tap a listing to see details of the duplicated contacts. This will show details of the contact. My experience: Cleaner was able to find duplicate contacts that already existed in my Gmail account, plus the test contacts I created.

The UI is pretty simple and straightforward.

15 Best Clone Apps (Android/Iphone) 2020

One weird thing was that I found another app called Smart Merge and it basically had the exact same UI, only in blue color. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts sounds like a mouthful but it has a pretty simple process based UI.

It was able to do so for contacts stored locally and on iCloud though. Other than that, I really like how simple and focused the app is. Download: Cleanup Duplicate Contacts. FullContact, as the name would suggest, is a fully fledged contact manager and dialer app. It has LinkedIn integration, it does clever stuff like finding public information for the contact you have stored and adding them automatically and a lot more. This will show groups of duplicate contacts that you can merge.

duplicate apps ios 12

Download: FullContact. Do you have any tips and tricks for managing contacts? Do you use a third party app for doing so? Share with us in the comments below. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Cleaner Cleaner is much more than just a duplicate finder it will let you backup contacts as well.

Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc.

All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is by far the best contact management app solution available on your iPhone and iPad to remove multiple duplicate contacts in your address book instantaneously. This mobile App runs automatically but you will stay in control.

After that, it will run a scan to check for all duplicate contacts. Once the scan is complete, it will present you with the results. You can then choose to remove all matching contacts from your address book or to merge only a sub-selection of the duplicates found. We let you analyse your address book as many times as you need for free. Also, the full preview of duplicates and partial duplicates is free as we want to convince you of the power of our deduplication algorithm.

duplicate apps ios 12

After you had a chance to review the suggested merges and we convinced you that our algorithm does a great job, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the premium version. Once you upgraded the app once, you will be able to save later analysis results for free as often as you want.

Merging contacts happens automatically. All partially matching contact details will be merged under just one contact for better management. The contact management App also works flawlessly with multiple sources like Gmail and iCloud to keep all duplicate contacts centralised. This app is the ultimate contact cleaner. Our new version is all ready for ! We have made the following changes: - No longer required to create an account before you can access the backup module - Several bugfixes - Improved UI for latest iPhones and iPads - Improvements to support iOS 12 - Improved deduplication logic.

My phone has been a mess of 5 of even my own name forever. I had previously purchased this app for my iPhone. Although it was a few years ago, I'm still using the same device and the same AppStore account. But I had to pay again after the analysis to be able to merge the contacts lists. That's a shame.

I tried to de-dupe again now and the same issue persists. It asks me to update. Now, however, it says I already purchased and that I could update for free. When I accepted the free update though, it failed. This has nothing to do with my payment details or AppStore. Something with this app is not clean. Hello, Sorry you are experiencing this issue; Please contact itadmin mybcsapps. Thank you, CircleBack Team. I had years and years of contacts across multiple iterations of iPhones and Androids.

Kudos to the developer for providing the option to dedupe across my multiple combined sources, i.Everything you could possibly want from a Bridge App. Play Rubber, Chicago, Teams of Four and Duplicate Bridge, with no interaction with other players and minimal reliance on an Internet connection. The same hands available to all users. Compare your score.

Ideal introduction to the concept of Duplicate bridge. Save and share your bidding system with others in-app purchase required. A comprehensive, well designed, computer bridge game with amazing customer support real answers from people. As computer bridge games go, this is an exemplar program and kudos to the design team that keeps improving and polishing what was already a solid product. With minimal effort, It can be played by an absolute beginner and there is a wealth of beginner support and educational material within the program.

Alternatively, there are extensive settings that can be used to personalize the game to individual preferences of bidding systems, signals, and types of hands; as well as tools for learning or defending against more unusual bidding systems.

This app plays very good bridge and has excellent commentary to help you bid and play. Beware, though, before purchasing Alter My System. For instance, you could set it to play strong two bids, but not with weak responses to them. It evidently wants to play only weak two-bids and only strong two-club bids, so all responses to other two bids are strong. Just be very careful before making any purchases, as there are no refunds and unfriendly correspondents.

Let me amplify: if you want to become a decent bridge player, avoid this app. You will end up in bad habits. You will end up avoiding good no trump contracts because this app makes you believe that weird defensive distributions are inevitable. You will become conservative in your bidding because you can't rely on your partner to bid according to the system you have selected, but you can depend on the defenders to play as if the hand was double dummy.

And if you foolishly purchase their "assist" and even more foolishly follow the advice it gives, you will learn to bid incorrectly. Finally, you will learn to dread the game of bridge, rather than enjoying it. Original review 2 stars : Look, I play the game.

I get it, sometimes the distribution is screwy. But the number of 7, 8, or even 9 card suits you see in these hands both yours and opponents' just have no basis in statistical reality.

The "percentage" play is almost always the losing play; meanwhile, the opponents play the hand as if it were double dummy, eschewing the percentage play for the one that ends up working. I do not find this to be a useful tool to practice real, randomly dealt bridge hands whether rubber or duplicate. If anyone looks back at our reviews, you will note that we rarely take the opportunity that Apple give us App Developers to respond.

However in this case we feel compelled to respond to this unjustly critical review. We will address the 'long-suit' criticism first.Apple has introduced the Shortcuts app in iOS This app allows you to quickly perform some functions, which otherwise might take time.

Users need to explore the niceties of the app before they get the most out of it. Apart from being a Workflow killer, Shortcuts app in the latest Apple app, i. Apple has done an excellent job to push both the apps on the back burner. From simple to complex, there are hundreds of shortcuts you can create on your iOS device. Some are as easy as the drag-and-drop affair, while there are a few, which will test your patience. But for new iOS users or who have never used Workflow, Shortcuts is something new and exciting.

As the name suggests, Shortcuts create a quicker way to get things done with your apps. There are many categories Apple has created, and under each category, you will find some shortcuts. By using Shortcuts, you can automate a variety of things. Siri plays an important role here in Shortcuts. Apple has subtly integrated this voice assistant to make your Shortcuts experience even better and faster.

duplicate apps ios 12

Siri not only suggests useful shortcuts — based on your usage of the iOS device and browsing the Internet — but it also runs the shortcuts following your voice commands. Just invoke Siri and you need to speak the shortcut phrase to run a particular shortcut.

Apart from Siri suggestions, you can use ready-made or custom shortcuts. You can combine multiple steps across multiple apps to enjoy the automation power of iOS The entire app is divided into two tabs: Library and Gallery; while the latter offers you a long list of categories and shortcuts, the former stores all the shortcuts you have created.

When you open the app, Library is the first tab you will see. If you have not created any workflow app earlier, Shortcuts app will show you a blank library with an option to Create Shortcut see the image below.

The Action is a pillar on which a shortcut stands. The action is a single step taken by users to design a shortcut. For example, a shortcut that gives you directions to your home comprises two actions: Street Address and Show Directions. Apart from the two major actions, users can also select small actions like selecting Maps and Mode. Not all actions are this simple. Some of them will require a special skill to arrange combinations and permutations to generate a shortcut.

For example, Convert Photos to GIF requires two or three other actions embedded to create one shortcut. Shortcuts app give you some pre-installed actions you can use to create Convert Photos to GIF shortcut. Thankfully, the app gives you necessary guidance when you tap on Show Actions tab.

Note that Gallery will show you a number of categories of shortcuts; you can use the search field to get your choice of the shortcut. There may be minute changes in the interface of other shortcuts. The first screen provides you with necessary information like with which apps or services the shortcut works. Moreover, the screen shows you the method you may follow to create a shortcut. Step 1.There are dozens of iPhone apps that promise to remove and merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

But here are some that we felt worked good. ME is one of the leading apps in caller ID and spam blocker worldwide. The app uses a smart call blocker, which quickly identifies spam callers and robocalls. You can keep your iPhone and yourself secure against any such unknown threats.

The app keeps your address book updated by syncing all your contacts. ME brings profile photos of your contacts from their social media; thus you can always know who is calling you.

You can get rid of duplicate contact issue as the app can merge all duplicate contacts and combines them into one. No longer want to keep duplicate contacts and photos on your iOS device and want to delete them all at once? You can also remove the matching screenshots and burst photos from your device. Get rid of the duplicate contacts and keep the address book fully organized.

And yes, the app lets automatically back up contacts so that you never lose them. Price: Free Download. Users, out of fear, store their contacts on multiple cloud storage. FullContact keeps all your contacts together in one place. It is your complete contact manager and dialer app on your iPhone and iPad.

When you choose any contact, this app gives information about their social connections including Twitter and Tumblr. For taking complete control of your hundreds of contacts, this one is right on the money. Using the advanced filters, you can quickly access specific information. You can back up your entire contacts, restore them with ease and even export them as and when you want. Another notable feature of this app is the support for multiple languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

You can choose the merge level to find similar contacts; it and removes them without any hassle. It allows you to manage several contact sources such as iCloud, Gmail. Since it creates a backup of your address book, you will be able to retrieve any deleted contact quickly. CircleBack is unique in more than one way.And one of the tricks that I use to shield the apps is to keep them out of sight.

With the introduction of a more comprehensive parental control, it is now possible to hide apps in iOS 13 and iPadOS. Except for a few core apps, iOS lets you hide stock apps individually.

However, there is no such option to bury third-party apps on an individual basis. However, you can choose to conceal apps on an age basis. Enough talk, let me show you how it works! However, you get the option to keep other apps like Camera, Mail, Safari out of sight.

Keep in mind, to get started; you need to first enable Screen Time on your device. To do so, head over to this complete guide. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Up next, tap on Allowed Apps and then turn off the switch next to each app you wish to keep under the wrap. You successfully have put the first party apps undercover. Check out; they are not available on the screen.

duplicate apps ios 12

If you ever want to bring them back, follow the same steps mentioned above and then turn on the switch next to the apps you want to show again. Step 4. Depending on your need, you can choose to hide the apps on age-basis.

At any time, you want to change your mind and make these apps appear on the screen again. Follow the same steps explained above and select Allow All Apps in the end. Now that you know how to keep your apps buried; make the most of the trick. I wish there were an option to conceal specific applications. What do you think? Earlier, we had made a roundup of the best vault apps that let you hide photos and files.

So, if you want to offer them a strong shield, give them a shot. Another simple way of keeping some of the unwanted apps out of the way is to put them in a folder.

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5 App Cloner Alternatives to Clone Phone Apps

Remain tuned in with us via FacebookTwitterand Instagram as well as download our app to never miss out our latest articles. How-to iPad iPhone.Duplicate Bridge is fun to play, but totaling up the match points and determining the winner at the end can be difficult. That is where the Duplicate Bridge Scoring App can make your life easier. This is an application designed by duplicate bridge players, for duplicate bridge players. Launch the app, start a new match, enter the match parameters, and begin.

You can enter the team names if you want, and you can even print out some board movement sheets that can be placed at each table, to help avoid the confusion of where teams move next for each round.

How to Install WhatsApp++ Duplicate with Cydia Impactor

If an AirPrint printer is not available, these sheets can be sent out as an email in PDF format, and can then be printed from a desktop computer. Play your game as you would normally, using the "travelers" sheets to keep score of each board. The tournament director can either enter the scores as each board is completed, or can wait until the end. When all the scoring has been entered, the results can be displayed and the winner is determined.

The results can also be printed out, or sent out as an email in PDF format. A hand score calculator has also been included. Completely stopped working once iOS 12 came about; however, the support team fixed this pretty quickly thank you! Otherwise, the program is a joy to use! This app works great for our home bridge games of two or three tables. But the recent iOS update to v. Needs some work, but is a great timesaver for small matches.

Two Whatsapp on One Iphone No Need PC

The current version does not display half points in the summary page, except in the totals, and the pdf it creates displays properly. I retract my old review. I was in error about some details. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. Description Duplicate Bridge is fun to play, but totaling up the match points and determining the winner at the end can be difficult. Oct 22, Version 1. Fixes hang with iOS Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Rick Donald.

Size 3. Category Productivity. Compatibility Requires iOS Languages English. App Support Privacy Policy.